14 Dec 2015

Ben Poole - Hebden Bridge Blues Festival 2012

Ben Poole - Hebden Bridge Blues Festival 2012

And so to Ben Poole back at Bar Place. From the moment this extraordinary young guy walked on stage The Hat knew we were in for something special. Standing front and rock solid, he took us straight into a long version of 'Have you ever loved a Woman?' and took the mood from slow and sweet to near shred. After that, the rammed audience was transfixed for the complete set.

Ben played one of the most amazing versions of the Hendrix 'Hey Joe' The Hat has ever encountered and took one of the simplest structured songs around and turned it inside out and upside down. The audience was hushed. It was breathtaking. The sheer breadth of style and skill of Ben was demonstrated throughout the evening - no less than when he did 'Ain't No Sunshine..' when together with his bass man and drummer they blew the room away. Barry

Pethers on bass was phenomenal. Although he took a few jaw-dropping solo breaks, the Hat sees him in that grand tradition of John Paul Jones from Zep and the sadly missed John Entwistle from The Who......those brilliant musicians who just stand there and do their stuff. No flash. Here it is. Enjoy.

Ben moved through different guitars and styles throughout the set and at one point with his band off the stage he even played Spanish style Gibson semi-acoustic that had us stunned with its simple dexterity. It would be easy to get too carried away by this talent and his close band. But why not say I? You will enjoy every moment of this musical prodigy and....I have to report that he didn't take his shirt off until he had been playing for an hour and a half. This is where, on behalf of those to whom fitness is important, I say...Phwoar!