14 Dec 2015

Tony Devenport: Back in The Land of The Living

I first stumbled across Tony Devenport when he played a live set last year on the famous Raven boat on the Thames when, amongst other things, he delivered a stunning version of the Thin Lizzy classic 'Still In Love With You'. You must catch this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2Y6w2oWjZ8 and you will get my drift when I talk about 'the voice'.

This five track Cd, which is presented as an eloquent dedication to his late father, is all about the Voice. His accomplished album 'Concrete Bound', released last year, got far less attention than it deserved and it is to be hoped that this CD, which is already getting some good air-play puts that to rights. Tony's voice on here is pretty special.

What you hear is a very raw and soulful vocal talent. His apparent early influences, Sam Cooke and Bill Withers would be proud he has picked up the torch and carries it with such style. There is pain and grit and every kind of emotion as he delivers some stylish and poignant lyrics. The clever accompanying arrangements, with both plaintive and feisty guitar,bass and drums, never intrude and provide the perfect platform for whatis a compelling and experienced soaked voice.

Devenport's biog hints of some tough times and a life of some knocks and one suspects that it is this colour that has brought him to this point in his career. He has served his dues over a long musical life and clearly worked with some major talent, both musicians and song-writers. He appeared to great acclaim at the Blues on The Farm festival last year and it seems that he is now, after a long time in the shadows, emerging, quite rightly onto centre stage. This CD has put down a solid marker for a serious talent.